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Title :  What Is An Annuity And How Does It Work?
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Ernesto Osorio
Sir? Halimbawa ibang bloggers nagupload ng videos or photos na hindi NAman sa kanila may violation po ba Yan? Para lang kumita?
Comment from : Ernesto Osorio

Emma at DreamPatisserie
Sana all, salamat.
Comment from : Emma at DreamPatisserie

Lebasi Gonalan
Ano po Kaya magandang content para sa pag yo you tube.
Comment from : Lebasi Gonalan

Betong TV
Hi small Youtuber here! lets support each other, pa subs naman at mag sub din ako sa inyo. salamat!
Comment from : Betong TV

Liza Beth
Watching From kuwait subscribe please help God bless
Comment from : Liza Beth

Anajane Lopez
I admire you mr.chinkee tan....always think positive
Comment from : Anajane Lopez

Laarni Morris
Wow so interesting to watch
Comment from : Laarni Morris

Vilmore Medina
Comment from : Vilmore Medina

Tsong Mel

Comment from : Tsong Mel

Waym Scott
I already set up everything on my YouTube channel, content nalang po kulang and still contemplating for it. Thanks po for this topic πŸ’œ
Comment from : Waym Scott

James B. Madriaga
My idol! πŸ₯°πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Comment from : James B. Madriaga

grabe nakaka inspire naman po...mahirap po tlga pag umpisa lalo na baguhan tulad ko sana po makadalaw po kayo sa channel ko
sa mga may gusto mag akapan jan tulungan po tayo andito lang po ako 24 hours hehehe salamat po

Comment from : YUMMZ TV

Faith Valencia
Sa mga kagaya kong small youtubers, tulungan po tayo at be permanent. Para matapos natin agad yung 1k! Unahan nyoko babalikan ku kayo!

Comment from : Faith Valencia

LoryMV Stay-at-home-Mom
Thank goodness I was able to watch this topic. I've been your subscriber for a long time, pero this one is very useful for me especially now that I am trying to make vlogging a notch higher. Thank you so much for so much nuggets of wisdom and practical tips. More power and God bless!
Comment from : LoryMV Stay-at-home-Mom

Jenkin Laforteza
Comment from : Jenkin Laforteza

Kabukiran Tour
I love and support our tourist community.
Comment from : Kabukiran Tour

Terrylyn Ruiz
Kaya gustong gusto kitang panuorin sir chink sinishare ko po mga videos nyo...
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Bluerose Skansen
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Bluerose Skansen
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Rey Pacz
Liked and Subscribed Sir Chinkee
Comment from : Rey Pacz

Style 101
Hug to hug? Game?! Comment when your done. Babalik ko sa inyo agad. I'm always online 😊
Comment from : Style 101

Repost Trending Online
Newbie here 😎
Comment from : Repost Trending Online

Boss jerome show
Hello guys sino po nangangailangan ng kasama sa paglago ng tahanan dito tumatangap po ako ng kaibigan just comment below
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Jinky Magcamit
Salamat po sa tips,. Nakaka inspire ang video na to..salamat
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Maskara just for laugh
Reply ka po sa comment ko at magsusubcribe ako sa channel mo,at ganun ka din ha,isuscribe mo din channel ko.

Maskara Just for laugh

Lets help each other small youtubers.

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CEC Ventures TV
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And simula ng napanood ko tong video na ito, it really works because as of now may 66 subscribers na din ako vlog pa more at ma re reach din natin guys yung 4 K hours at 1K subscribers.

Halos lahat ng itinuturo ni sir ch8nkee I try to start and apply one by one.

As a proof my youtube channel na din po akong nagawa, gumawa na din po ako ng topic like this topic today!
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Watch it here guys!

Pa feature naman sir chinkee ng aking vlog, para mag grow din po ang kaing subscribers 😘😘😘

Thank you sir!

Comment from : CEC Ventures TV

Miaka Yuki143
Payakap naman Guys . Let’s help each other Po.
Comment from : Miaka Yuki143

Only in America007
Tol nice video yakap din pls thanks
Comment from : Only in America007

Ayejhie's World
thank you po. newbie po at mayroong 50 subscribers..... sana makayanang ma abot ang 1k at 4000 watch hours.
Comment from : Ayejhie's World

Reynaldo jr Faderanga
ty sir s idea
Comment from : Reynaldo jr Faderanga

Althea Cute
mag like nito hug ko kagad.. ikw na bahala mag balik lodz salamat
Comment from : Althea Cute

Nyelie's TV
Hug me and ill hug back. Just like and reply to this comment! Thanks!
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itsme alisa
1k subs is napakadali. Ang 4k watch time is napakahirap abutin. Lalo na sa small youtubers 😍😍 kaya tulungan tayu 😍😍
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Yar soicalap
Credited den sa kanya. Yung iba nganga pa.
Comment from : Yar soicalap

Kenkarlmico Mauleon
Wow sarap nmn nun ang lalaki ng sahod nila sakin ok na un 50k monthly hehe
Comment from : Kenkarlmico Mauleon

salamat sir chink sa payo mo. sana makatulong din po ang channel na ito sa mga nagsisimula palang pag vlog.
Comment from : VLOG STYLE TV

WealthBuilders Academy
Sir Chinkee Tan! Binabasa ko yung libro mo na How I Made My First Million Through Direct Selling. Solid yung mga payo mo dito boss! More power!
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Random Tips
Newbie here, tara! Let's grow together ❀️ Hug nyo ako, hug ko din kayo, iwan lang po kayo ng comment sa vid 😊 legit po eto πŸ˜‰
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Angelita Escaner
Pwede po ba ireupload ang video nyu.para kumita ako sa views at makatulong po as well..kung hindi ako.makakasuhan ng copyright..thank u po
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Loury vlog sing
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Natures Bless
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inday awkward vlog
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chloee kristle rainbow
Small youtuber here
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New youtuber poh....pa hug naman.. balik ko agad!
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Joyce Mina
Pa help na din po.. Let's help each other mga bes. :) Godbless po..
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Edrelin Pecson
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Euwee TV
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Julie Taba
Baguhan dito.... like na ito at isub ko kayo... tulungan na tayo
Comment from : Julie Taba

Pa hug din po sana and paguide po maraming salamat poπŸ€—
Comment from : JUSTMEG VLOG

An Nie in United States Of America
Wow job na talaga ang youtube.
Comment from : An Nie in United States Of America

Bulusan Margaret
Tama ka Mr.chinkee tan ako lang na nonood sa YOU tube ko 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Comment from : Bulusan Margaret

Bulusan Margaret
Wow sana sumikat din Ang YouTubeko 😁para hind na ako
Comment from : Bulusan Margaret

Glaiz Fleur
Thanks for sharing Sir Chinkee..We've learned a lot😊
Newbie here din po.Let's help each other out kapwa aspirantsπŸ˜‰I'll visit your channel agad agad

Comment from : Glaiz Fleur

Franchesky Channel
Can u help me pls if how to be youtuber
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Just Trend
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Pa Subscribe naman po at Sub ko po kayo agad-agad :)
Salamat Po.

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[kjune] RDTD
Pa subscribe po din s channel ko,, nag uumpisa plang aq at need ko salamat!!! Ganun dn ko ggwin ko s inyo :)) tulongtulong πŸ‘
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Salamat po sa tips.. 2 subs. Palang Meron ako.. Bago lang ako ng Open ng account sa yt

Apol TV
Thanks sa Tips!
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Aishi Dette
Kaway kaway mga YouTubers! Suportahan po natin ang isat isa. Leave lang po kayo ng message sa video ko para masuklian ko kayo agad. Thanks!
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gino atibagos
hi guys tulongan namn tayo small youtuber ako,ang mag like nito sure na hahampasin ko bahay nyo.game!!
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HealthyPie Tips
learning from you..newtuber po
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Kyub TV
helpful info tnx
Comment from : Kyub TV

Sherly's kitchen and vlog's
Korek po ako lng ang nanonoodπŸ˜…πŸ˜…. And tes patient lng po😊
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Mayarnold Vlog
Pa hug po guys small youtuber
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Inday Baling vlogs
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Inday Baling vlogs
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Russel Sensei
vlogger din ako, pero tutorial nman ang vlog ko... toturial about sa JAPANESE LANGUAGE tutorial
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Juna LocalComposer
Sir I'm one of your subscriber bec I'm encourage to your videos so I make my own utube, can you help me grow on my utube channel πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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Mae And daughter time
Newbie here po

Magtulungan po tayo....
Subscribe and ill do the same

Thank you πŸ˜‡

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James Tamondong
1 like = 1 hug
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Aztig Anya
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Hypegue tv
Helping each other just comment down bellow
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Hypegue tv
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Done watching sir chinkee pahughug po God bless usπŸ™πŸΌβ˜ΊοΈ
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Juush TV
Sino gustong maging Successman sa youtube ?tara Hug nyoko then ill hug youback tara!
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The Mutucs
Thanks for the tips! 😊
Comment from : The Mutucs

Chupoy Fishing Adventure
Guys asaran tayo mabilis akong mangasar basta asarin nyo din ako
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Emcey TV
That's the one I need to know how to grow, thank you sir, for sharing giving tips how to work of it...

let's support each other to grow guy's,πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• come and bless.

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Bj Cipra Praise
I am new youtube hug to hug tayo unahan niyo balik ko agad.
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bimbotech TV
Nice.. very inspiring content.. Thanks for the tips!!! I'll do the 3p's plus 1p :)
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Bhela's Vlog
New Subscriber here...
very inspiring videos po...I hope ma reach ko rin kahit 1k subs.lng...kaya guyz tulungan tayo...

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Gladdys Bon
Please like and subscribe po my channel i will do the same 😊 Thanks for the help πŸ™πŸ»
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Turk Amir Uzbek
thumbs up!
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Ghegzther TV
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Nagi Mango
Pano nga bah ......gustong gusto ko pero di ako makagawa lagi na lang sa comment ako.....
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Talenggay Vlogs
"natawa ako doon sa walang nanonood at ikaw lang ang nanonood" hahaha!
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suck my straw 99
Pa subscribe naman pi tulungan nyo po ako salamat
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Joenil Franco
Post lng alam ko panu ako kikita
Comment from : Joenil Franco

Guys effective sya! Ginawa namin ngayun lahat NG tips mo sa isang channel namin Lodi, at gumawa rin kami NG vlog Kung Gano ka effective to. IA upload namin dito soon. Subscribe kayo sakin guys.Para may madagdag kayong kaalaman.. Editing na kami... Abangan nio :)
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4k watch hrs
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Rg Gariando
Please help me with my channel is Rg Gariando just tell me what to do how can i help as well thanks
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Sai Ronz
I'm.new guys..bisita po sa akon..handa po ako bisita sa inyo


Comment from : Sai Ronz

Youkie TV
Hug to hug guys new comer po hihi
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Juan Lubaton
I always follow chink positive,
I also buy books to learn more. Check out also my channel, i'm starting doing everything i've learn. Thanks.

Comment from : Juan Lubaton

Thanks for Sharing po.
Dami ko natutunan.
New Subscriber po & Small YouTuber.

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